Mountain Guide in the Winter

Sébastien Laurent, mountain guide, offers you various activities:

Skiing off-piste
There are many possibilities, but a good suggestion is the magnificent descent of 24 km from the Mont Blanc (Aiguille du Midi) to Chamonix. You descend from an altitude of 3.842m to 1.050m. You leave in the morning L'Horizon des Alpes to go to Chamonix. From Chamonix you go with several lifts to Aiguille du Midi. Halfway the descent you take the lunch you brought. The descent ends at the foot of the Mont Blanc (at La Mer de Glace) and from there you take a train back to Chamonix. At the end of the afternoon you are back in L'Horizon des Alpes.

Heli Skiing
This is also off-piste skiing, but now a helicopter brings you to the mountain tops you want. In Switzerland and Courmayeur in Italy, descents from the magnificent peaks over 3000m as the Petit Combin, the Aiguille des Glaciers, l'Aiguille de l'Aigle .... the helicopter arrives where the lifts do not come.

Ski touring
Whatever your level and wishes are, many routes are possible.

A hike through the massive of the Mont Blanc is possible of course, but also through the Aravis or somewhere else.

For the pleasure of climbing even in winter, enjoy the winter weather to get started, you refine or develop on frozen waterfalls.

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