Mountain Guide in the Summer

Sébastien Laurent, mountain guide, offers various activities:

Mountaineering is climbing mountains and can include rock climbing as well as ice climbing. The mountaineering is in sharp contrast to the rock climbing, it is not so much the physical challenge of satisfying, but reaching the summit of a mountain. When climbing a mountain there are several natural obstacles to be climbed and conquered. This can be rock walls, ice wall, glaciers or just and alpine meadows. Besides the usual climbing techniques, are also knowledge of meteorology, glaciers skills, rescue techniques, orientation and a good condition needed.

Rock climbing
Discover the pleasure of climbing in natural sites during the days, holidays or stages. It is an activity for people of all ages (at least 6 years) and all levels.

Walking on glaciers
Walking on glaciers is a good and funny way to explore the world of the mountain.

Via Ferrata
More and more families choose Via Ferrate as a new way to discover the mountain. A trip with many vertical cliffs with ladders, bridges and canals, to help you, without much difficulty, to climb.

Down in the gorge flows the river which many times turns into a waterfall. On hot summer days, you can find your cooling by making a descent through the water. The descent is done using a rope, but there are also pieces that you can walk or you can be carried along with the flow. This activity can easily be done with the family, the only requirement is know how to swim.

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