Le Plateau des Glières / Mont Blanc / Chalets des Auges

Plateau des Glières (altitude 1450m) is situated in the mountains of Petit-Bornand-les-Glières. This landscape of Alpine-meadows is surrounded by forests and mountains, with grandiose views. Thanks to the footh-paths the Plateau is great for relaxed hiking with the whole family and you can make your hike as long as you want.

For the ones who want a longer hike or a hike more difficult there are different hikes starting from the Plateau. One of these hikes brings you across the Alpine-meadows and trough the forests to the ‘Chalets des Auges’. This is a group of authentic mountain-chalets. One of them is called ‘refuges des Mangeurs des Lunes’ and you can buy here something to drink or to eat.
Just before you arrive at ‘Chalets des Auges’, you encounter a spot from where you have a unique and grandiose view at the Mont Blanc, if it’s not too cloudy.
The hike lasts approximately 2,5 hours and the level of difficulty is between easy and average.

Route description

  • From L’Horizon des Alpes you drive direction Le Grand Bornand. After 2kms you will see the sign ‘Plateau des Glières’. Follow these signs and turn right and cross the bridge.
  • You will come to a t-junction. Here you take direction ‘Route des Glières’.
  • You arrive at Plateau des Glières at the restaurant/souvenirshop ‘L’Armandière’. Here you have 2 choices:
  • 1. You want to walk across Plateau les Glières. You park your car at L’Armandière and you start your hike.
  • 2. You choose the hike ‘Chalets des Auges’. You walk from L’Armandière or you go by car to ‘Maison du Plateau’ across (parts of not) hardened roads (2kms).
  • To go to Maison du Plateau you go from L’Armandière straight on the not hardened road.
  • After 100m you turn left.
  • After 2kms there is on the right (50m from the road) hotel ‘Auberge des Glières’. Here you stop and on the left of you is Maison du Plateau. If you came here by car, you hike starts here.
  • You walk along the right side of Maison du Plateau and you will find the path, where you go left.
  • After 50m you turn right through a gate, direction ‘Chalets des Auges’.
  • Follow the path and you will find ‘Chalets des Auges’.
  • To find the way back you take the same route.

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