Les Rochers de Leschaux/Solaison/Grotte de la Leschaux

You mainly walk across narrow mountain-paths to the top of the mountain Les Rochers de Leschaux (altitude 1.936 m), from where you will have a grandiose and far view on this region. After that you descend to the village Solaison where you could visit a restaurant. From Solaison you walk into the woods where you will see Grotte de la Glacière. During your hike you will encounter a large diversity of flowers and plants and probably also wild animals like deers, goats, marmots.

The hike lasts approximately 5 hours and the level of difficulty is between average and difficult.

Route description

  • From L’Horizon des Alpes you drive direction the centre of Le Petit Bornand. After 250 m beyond the gas station/garage you will see the signs ‘Cenise’ and ‘Paradis’ on the right side of the road. Follow these signs and turn left.
  • You drive up in the mountain direction of ‘Cenise’ and ‘Paradis’. After about 3 km you turn left, direction ‘Cenise’ (straight on is direction ‘Paradis’).
  • After a few kilometers you will arrive on a piece of not hardened road, but this road will turn into a hardened road again after 100 m. This road will again turn into a not hardened road and stops at restaurant ‘Cenise’. Here you park your car and start your hike.
  • You walk in the opposite from where you came from and you will find the sign ‘Rochers de Leschaux’. Follow this sign, and go straight on across the pasture and don’t follow the broad path.
  • Keep on walking straight untill you see, on your right after about 1 km, a big cross. From where you are standing now you see, just a little further on your left, a sign. Follow this sign.
  • After about 150 m you will come to a walking sign with arrows to the left and to the right, indicating the track. Here you go to the left.
  • You follow the path that is indicated by yellow and orange signals and with little pyramids built with stones.
  • The top of the mountain is indicated by a big cross on which is indicated the altitude (1.936 m).
  • On the top there is also a sign which indicates Solaison. Follow this sign.
  • Follow the path and the yellow signals and you will descend to Solaison.
  • Down in the valley of Solaison you go to the right (follow the signs Cenise).
  • At bar/restaurant Les Rocailles you will find, 20 m in the opposite of the parking, the path direction Cenise.
  • On your way you will find a sign which indicates Col de Cenise par La Glacière 1.10. Follow this sign.
  • Follow the path and the blue signals.
  • Just before you arrive at Grotte de la Glacière the path splits up in two. Here you go straight on upwards (see blue signal on tree).
  • At Grotte de la Glacière you will find a sign which indicates Col de Cenise 0.35. Follow this sign.
  • From Grotte de la Glacière you follow the red signals, not the blue.
  • At the sign Le Perthuis you follow direction Col de Cenise.
  • At the sign Le Planet (standing in a meadow) you follow direction Le Petit Bornand and you will find the place where you have started your hike.

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