This concerns a superb walk through the forests of Le Petit Bornand. You will encounter little streams with waterfalls, but also houses which are built around the year of 1900.

The hike lasts, depending your choice, approximately 1,5 or 2,5 hours and the level of difficulty is between easy and average.

Route description

  • From L’Horizon des Alpes you walk direction the centre of Le Petit Bornand. After 100 m you take the side-street to the left. At house number 115 you will find the sign Termine/Villard. Here you leave this side-street and you follow the direction indicated.
  • Then you keep on following direction Villard.
  • After about half an hour you will find, at a t-junction the sign ‘Impasse chez Veuillet’. At this point you have two options:
Option 1:
  • You go down and within 30 minutes you are at L’Horizon des Alpes (see the last paragraph for further route description).
Option 2:
  • You go to the left and you are at L’Horizon des Alpes within 1,5 hours.
  • You will come to an y-junction. Here you go straight on (to the left is ‘Chemin du Creux’).
  • You walk straight on to the hardened road. Here you go to the right (down).
  • After about 1 km you cross a bridge.
  • You take the first forest path on the right side of the road (after about 1 km from the bridge).
  • Again you will find a hardened road. Here you go to the left (down).
From here both options merge into the same route again:
  • You will come to the t-junction of ‘Allée Guillame Fichet’. Here you go to the right.
  • You will come to the t-junction of ‘Route de Chatubras’. Here you go to the right and you will find L’Horizon des Alpes.

L'Horizon des Alpes 800 Rue M. Carquillat 74130 Petit-Bornand-les-Glières Tel. +33 (0) 6 87 19 54 01